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  6. Anonymous asked: what's your favourite song on These Things Happen?

    Hmmmm… A song named “Complete”


  7. Anonymous asked: #savegrady the prayers arnt helping 😂

    #Pray4Grady #SaveGrady


  8. Anonymous asked: What was the craziest moment !!!!

    When girls would try to sneak on our bus & I would have to kick them off lol


  9. Anonymous asked: What was the #1 highlight of the tour ?

    Seeing hundreds of people at every show. I remember we use to perform for like 40 people lol


  10. Anonymous asked: Hey Blake! The Chicago show was totally wicked. This was my first show and you honestly killed it on the drums. Can't wait to catch another show- I'll make sure to rock new Loyalty merch. -xoxo Tabitha Jo

    Ayyyeeee! #love welcome to the family see you soon! #FreshestDrummerAlive


  11. Anonymous asked: I don't wanna make this long cuz I get annoying, but the These things happen tour was absolutely unreal. A true experience. It was crazy intimate, especially for the old fans & if it wasn't for the couple who was violently shoving me from their extremely rough & uncalled for make out session (that lasted the whole show) I would have had a mildly better time. The whole crew is crazy nice! Speaking to every one, from Gerald to marty, Christoph, Kurt, rockie fresh, mat & yourself was amazing!

    Thanks but I’m sorry about the overly aggressive couple lol we have to find u a better spot to watch from next time lol… #love


  12. stay-gold-xo-xo asked: One of my favourite nights, hands down. Seeing the difference between Toronto's '13 and '14 show is crazy. Y'all made the bruises from front row worthwhile lmao. Wished there could've been an afterparty though! But thank you for coming out after and taking a picture with us. Come back soon! - Cindy

    You are a brave person for standing in the front row of a G-Eazy show lol much respect! Thanks for the kind words, see you soon! #FreshestDrummerAlive


  13. n0tahipst3r asked: hey babe. You're the freshest drummer alive 💞💞 love ya mucho



  14. Anonymous asked: Who was your favorite city

    Everything on the Westcoast lol…


  15. beneaththesunset asked: TTH tour was absolutely insane! Hands down one of the best shows I've seen. So good that I made it to 2 shows. The show in Michigan, which is were Im from, at the Crofoot in Pontiac and then a week later I road tripped 3.5 hours to the Columbus, Ohio show at the A&R Music Bar. Such a powerful combination when you, G and Christoph are together. The live drums really adds to the performance and makes it much crazier! Got that #FreshestDrummerAlive shirt and thanks for the drumstick! #loyalty

    My man! Thanks for everything it was nice meeting hope to see u soon! Thanks for the support always! #FreshestDrummerAlive